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    Apr 07, 2016

    The 5 Elements of Setting Goals

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    It is so important to set goals for yourself. They keep you on track, they motivate you to improve, and they are the key to SUCCESS. You want to be sure to establish short and long-term goals. By setting goals, you can do anything you want to! These five elements serve as the basic guidelines to effectively set goals:
    1. Think/Visualize: Think about what you want/need and visualize it! Create a clear picture of that goal in your mind.
    2. Write It Down: By writing down your goal, it becomes more than just a thought. Write it wherever is best for you to continue referring back to it. For instance, I have mine written on my phone because I carry it around with me everywhere.
    3. Speak/Affirm: You speak things into existence, so use your goal as an affirmation! Create an affirmation on your mirror or make a vision board that reminds you to say that goal out loud.
    4. Embody Your Goal: Live it, breathe it embody it! Ask yourself how do you own it? What are the necessary steps to make your goal a reality? Do not let yourself have nay other options and tell yourself this is what you have to do to achieve your goal. Invest in yourself, gamble on yourself—you have to be willing to make the sacrifice. Embodying your goal leads to execution of it.
    5. Manifest: If you follow through with the previous four steps, this final one is eminent. You are manifesting your goal into reality and not only thinking to yourself that you want this, but truly going after it to make it happen.
    If you follow these five steps, I promise you will be able to achieve your goals! I wish you the best of luck and, as always, let me know if you have any questions!

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